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2DXpress Benefits

Friendly Budget

2DXpress provides a range of budget Friendly vehicle with Reliable and Better Services.

Vehicle on Bond

2Dxpress delivers Cutting Edge Integrated Logistic Services and promises to offer a risk-free Logistic Service to the Client.

Service Management

Smart and Creative Logistics, Offering inspired Solutions to Simplify our Customers/Client's needs.

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Will I be able to track the vehicle?

Yes, you can track our vehicle using GPS tracking feature provided in our app as each of our vehicles is GPS enabled through our other App which is installed on the Driver’s phone.

Would there be anyone from 2DXpress present at the hub to supervise for daily coordination?

No, not physically but through technology and a dedicated customer support team, you won’t miss any supervisor’s absence. We exercise control through technology.

Will I get notified about the vehicle reporting on a daily basis?

Yes, SMS along with an email with a complete summary will be sent to you by our customer support team.

How much time would you take to provide a replacement in case of a vehicle breakdown?

Around 1 - 2 hours depending on the location and availability of the vehicle.